How to Ship

Creating a Shipment

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There are 5 areas of focus when creating a shipment in WebShip:

  1. Shipping From
  2. Shipping To
  3. Notification
  4. Shipment Information
  5. Reviewing and Confirming the Shipment

1. Shipping From

In this area, you have the option to change the "Ship From" information using the icon and save it to your Webship profile or use your existing profile “Ship From” information.

To change your "Ship From" information including name and or address, you can click on the link icon which opens an extra section on the Ship a Package page where you can change your Ship From address information.

Press "Save" to save the new information to your Webship profile.

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2. Shipping To

In this section you choose the recipient or receiver you wish to ship to.

Save time by assigning Receiver IDs

To store and recall receivers from your receiver list, each receiver must have a unique identifier, a code that separates one receiver from the next. We call this code the Receiver ID. You can define what this code will be.

Four Ways to Select an Individual Receiver:

  1. Type in the Receiver ID and select the receiver ID that matches from the drop down list displayed. You can type a receiver ID in the Receiver ID field and. When you do this, Webship automatically searches your address book and retrieves the full address information.
  2. Get the Receiver from the Address Book. You can select a receiver from your address book by clicking on the "Address Book" button.
  3. Choose the Last Ten Receivers from the Drop Down Menu You can choose the last ten receivers you ship to from a drop down list. They will be listed by their receiver IDs.
  4. Enter the Address Information in the “Shipping To” section.

You can type the receiver information in the "Shipping to" section. If you want to save this receiver to your address book, put a check mark in the check box below the receiver information called "Add or Update Receiver in your address book". It will be saved when you press the Complete Shipment button.

Change Receiver Information While Shipping

All the address information can be changed at any time while shipping. You must change whatever fields you wish. If you do not want to make the changes permanently to the receiver, make sure the "Add or Update to the address book" is unchecked. If the check box is unchecked only that one shipment will be affected by the changes. If a receiver has locked fields, all changes to the receiver must be done in the address book.

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3. Notification

WebShip can notify you by email when a shipment gets shipped or delivered. Set the default action you would like WebShip to take when shipping.

Notify me

To receive real time updates on your shipment, check the box, select the type of notification, and provide the email to send the notification to and we’ll send the notifications to the specified address.

Notify Receiver

If you want the receiver to get real time updates on this shipment, check the box, select the level of notification(s) and provide the email to send the notification to. We’ll do the rest.

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4. Shipment Information

In this section, you specify some of the logistics involved with the shipment. For example, you decide what type of service you want the shipment to go by, what time the shipment is ready, how the shipment will be paid for and such. The following is a list of all the options with a brief description of each.

Loomis Service

Loomis Express offers the following shipping services when shipping within Canada, to the continental U.S. or International:

Domestic Services - Canada: Loomis Express Domestic 9:00, Loomis Express Domestic 12:00, Loomis Express Domestic 18:00 and Loomis Ground

Export Services – U.S.: Loomis Express 10:30, Loomis Express Worldwide, and Loomis International Ground*.

Export Services – International: Loomis Express 9:00, Loomis Express 12:00, and Loomis Express Worldwide.

*Loomis Economy Select is not available for Alaska and Hawaii. Please select Loomis Express Worldwide when shipping to these destinations.

Shipment Date

You must specify the date the shipments will be sent. By default today’s date is present. However, you can create waybills in advance for a future date. To do this, change the date in this field to the date you wish to ship those packages on.

Ready Time

This is the earliest the packages will be ready for pick up. By default, the current time is present.

Closing Time

This is the latest our driver should arrive to retrieve the packages once ready for pick up. By default, the time is set to 5:00 pm / 17:00 local time.

Pickup/Drop off

You can determine where Loomis Express will pick up the package. The following options are listed.

Drop Off

Choose this option if you are going to drop the package off at a Loomis Express branch. When you choose this option, another down menu will appear. It will list all the branches in Canada. Choose the one you will be dropping the package off at.


Choose this option if you want Loomis to pick the package up at the office.


Choose this option if you want Loomis to pick the package up at a location not indicated in the drop down menu.


Choose this option if you want Loomis to pick the package up at the reception.


Choose this option if you want Loomis to pick the package up in shipping.

Payment Type

Payment Type determines who pays for the shipment.


Choose this option if you are going to pay for the shipment.


Choose this option if you are charging the shipment to another account number, i.e. the account number of the receiver you are shipping to or the account number of a third party willing to pay for the shipment. Collect, as a payment type, can be locked so that only collect shipping can occur to a specific receiver. A valid Collect Account # must be provided. If you chose Collect as a payment type, you must enter in the account number the shipment is going to be charged to.

Shipment Value Protection (S.V.P.)

With Loomis Shipment Value Protection you can protect the shipments you value most. The amount declared is the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment/piece in the event of physical loss or damage. In the Shipment Value Protection (S.V.P.) box, a liability surcharge per $100.00 of the valuation or part thereof will apply to all shipments. If there is no value entered in the S.V.P. box, "NIL" must be indicated on the waybill. All shipments with a declared value exceeding $2,500 (to a maximum of $5,000) must have a pre-authorization Special Agreement Number, obtained from the local Loomis Express branch Customer Service 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) prior to shipping. This number is to appear in the Special Agreement box on the waybill (refer to section 15 of the Loomis Express Terms and Conditions).

Special Agreement Number

If the amount of the S.V.P. is over $2,500 CDN, you will need to enter a Special Agreement Number. You can obtain this by calling 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647).

Reference Number

The reference number is a flexible field you can use for marking shipments for either tracking or reporting purposes. You have control over what the reference number will be. It can be any combination of numbers and letters.

Tracking and the Reference Number

Anything that you put in the reference field at the time of shipping will become a part of the shipment. Because of this, you can use that reference number to track that shipment instead of using the waybill number assigned to it by Loomis.

Typically an invoice or a purchase order number is used.

Reporting and the Reference Number

If you want to make a particular shipment stand out on a detailed report, you can use the reference number field since the reference number appears on detailed reports from Loomis.

The reference field is also good for organizing or grouping shipments on reports or in exported files. For example, if you want to group all the shipments you are sending out for a particular sales rep, you can use that sales rep’s name in the reference field.

Cost Centre

Like the Reference number, the cost centre is another way to mark your shipments for reporting purposes. However, you cannot track a shipment using the cost centre information.

Instructions 1 & 2 (Domestic Only)

You can fill out special delivery instructions for the driver such as "Leave at the back door" or "No Signature Required."

Package(s) Size and Weight details

You can specify the unit of measure as Imperial (Pounds and Inches) or Metric (Kilograms and centimeters) in the field provided

If you have saved common package sizes in your profile you can select the package size from the ID you assigned to the package (Example Box A) and the weight / length / width and height will automatically populate.

If there is more than one package in your shipment select the icon and additional lines will appear as needed for each package’s weight / length / width and height

Additional Domestic Service options

Check boxes that are applicable to your shipment. Please not that additional charges may apply.

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5. Confirmation

This is the final step of the process.

  1. If all the information displayed is correct, click on “Complete Shipment” and you will be directed to a screen where you can print the waybill(s) for your shipment. Please ensure to affix one label to each package in the shipment.
  2. Once you have printed the waybills, close the window and click on “Create another Shipment” to ship the next shipment.

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