Shipping in Canada

Table for Domestic Services

 Loomis Express 9:00Loomis Express 12:00Loomis Express 18:00Loomis Ground
Great forTime-critical shipments requiring early morning deliveryNext day morning delivery for urgent shipmentsReliable and affordable next day deliveryDependable and economical door to door delivery
DestinationAvailable to and from major metropolitan cities across Canada.Across Canada
Shipping SpeedGuaranteed* delivery by 9:00 AM next possible business dayGuaranteed* delivery by 12:00 PM next possible business dayDelivery by end of next possible business day1–6 business days

* Some restrictions apply. For more details, please see “Service Guarantees” section in our Terms and Conditions.


Loomis Express offers a full range of additional service features that you can purchase to help get your package to where it has to go.

An additional charge will apply for all hard copies provided. Electronic copies are available at no charge. Select Track from the homepage, enter your tracking number to view and print your POD.

Allows you to verify and view shipment details throughout the entire journey. Loomis Express will track your shipment at each checkpoint giving you the visibility you need to track your shipment every step of the way. An additional charge of $10.00 per piece will apply.

We offer domestic Saturday delivery and pickup service to and from select cities and postal codes in Canada. An additional charge of $25.00 per shipment will apply.

Loomis Express agrees to pick up a cheque, post-dated cheque, certified cheque, bank draft or money order made payable to the sender in the amount entered on the Return Cheque waybill before releasing the shipment to the receiver. An additional charge of $11.00 per shipment will apply.

How to create a Return Cheque Shipment

To ensure your fragile shipments are handled with care, clearly indicate "FRAGILE" on the waybill or Bill of Lading. No claim against fragile shipments will be entertained unless the description on the waybill or Bill of Lading clearly indicates fragile. This service is subject to an additional fee of 50% of the standard shipping rate.

With Loomis Shipment Value Protection you can protect the shipments you value most. The amount declared is the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment/piece in the event of physical loss or damage. In the Shipment Value Protection (S.V.P.) box, a liability surcharge per $100.00 of the valuation or part thereof will apply to all shipments. If there is no value entered in the S.V.P. box, "NIL" must be indicated on the waybill. All shipments with a declared value exceeding $2,500 (to a maximum of $5,000) must have a pre-authorization Special Agreement Number, obtained from Loomis Express Customer Service 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) prior to shipping. This number is to appear in the Special Agreement box on the manual waybill.

A charge of $4.00 per every $100 of Declared Shipment Value rounded up to the nearest increment of $100.

This fee will cover the daily scheduled pickup. A Loomis driver will pickup your shipments as scheduled at your location once each business day.

$7.50 per week

Our Dangerous Goods certified experts ensure your shipments are handled safely. Dangerous Goods shipments are subject to Loomis Express' Terms and Conditions and applicable legislation (including International Air Transport Association ('IATA') Regulations and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act). An additional charge of $45.00 will apply to each Domestic Dangerous Goods shipment.

Additional Accessorial fees that may apply

Loomis Express reserves the right to apply a fuel surcharge on all shipments regardless of destination and service selected. Information on the fuel surcharge rates and tables can be found here.

An additional charge will be applied where the origin or destination point is deemed by Loomis to be remote or where the location is not directly serviced by Loomis.

Variable based on origin and destination of shipment. Click here to Download the Extended Area zone and rate guide .

An additional charge will apply if a recipient’s address is found to be incomplete, incorrect or illegible on any Loomis Express shipping document. Loomis Express will attempt to find the correct address for the shipment to complete delivery. Please note that Loomis Express cannot deliver to a post office box or R.R. # location. Use of post office box numbers, R.R. #, incorrect postal codes and former addresses for recipient’s who have relocated, are examples of errors requiring address corrections. A surcharge of $20.00 per shipment will apply.

Applies when a driver arrives at the shippers address and the requested or scheduled pickup is not cancelled, ready or available.

$8.00 per attempt.

  • Overweight - An additional charge of $26.00 will apply to any package or article greater than 70 lbs (32 kgs) in actual weight.
  • Oversize – An additional charge of $21 will apply to any package having a single side dimension greater than 48” (122cm) or a second longest dimension greater than 32” (82cm).
  • Large Package – An additional charge of $94 to any package or article where the combined length and girth exceeds 130 inches (330 centimeters) or a single side dimension greater than 96”. Girth is calculated by measuring the length (longest side of the package) plus [(2 x width) + (2 x height)].
  • Special Handling - A surcharge of $21.00 per piece will apply to any article or item absent of proper packaging due to their nature (e.g. size, shape, contents) including pails, containers, tires, ball bearings, nuts, bolts and fasteners, liquids, wooden or metal crates and non-conveyable items.
Please note that a Non-Standard charge will only apply once to a single package if any one of the above conditions apply.

An Additional charge of $800 will apply to any package that exceeds the following size limitations;

  • Any single side that is over 108” (274 cm) in length
  • Actual weight is over 150 lbs (68 kgs)
  • The length and girth exceeds 165” (419 cm)
Length is defined as the longest side of the package. Girth is the distance around the two smallest sides of a package or object. Girth = 2(W+H).

An additional charge of $7.50 per shipment will apply when an E-Returns shipment is not available for pickup on the first attempt.

If Loomis Express cannot deliver on the first attempt, we will automatically attempt to redeliver on the second business day at no additional charge. The Redelivery surcharge is applied after 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts and a 3rd delivery attempt is made. A surcharge of $10.00 per shipment will apply.

A surcharge of $20.00 per piece will apply to a package that requires repackaging due to inappropriate or insufficient original packaging.

A surcharge of $3.50 will be assessed when a paper invoice is sent by mail.

Loomis Express will apply a fee when a second delivery attempt is made in one day.

$10.00 per attempt.

An additional charge of $15.00 will apply when an account number is missing or an incorrect account number is inserted on the Bill of Lading by the shipper.

All shipping charges will be considered "prepaid" unless otherwise noted on the Bill of Lading at the time of shipping. An additional $6.00 charge will apply when transportation charges are paid by the consignee or a third party.

A $6.50 surcharge fee is applicable on all Loomis Express Manual Waybills. We encourage you to convert all your shipping online with Loomis WebShip – an application which helps you manage your shipping needs more efficiently and with no additional charge, no download required!

To learn more on Loomis WebShip and how to use the application, click here.

*Accessorial is subject to the Fuel Surcharge rate in effect at the time of shipping.