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International Accessorials

The links below outline the additional charges that may apply to your shipment.

Our Dangerous Goods certified experts ensure your shipments are handled safely. For the latest list of dangerous goods, please go to Dangerous Goods shipments are subject to Loomis Express' Terms and Conditions and applicable legislation (including International Air Transport Association ('IATA') Regulations and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act). An additional charge of $38.00 will apply to each Domestic Dangerous Goods shipment.
The handling and transportation of Dry Ice (UN1845) used as a freezing agent for goods. A charge of $5 per shipment will apply.
An administrative charge of $15 per shipment will apply for the invoicing of destination duties and taxes to the Shipper, third party or to an entity in a third country, to ensure such duties and taxes are not paid for by the Receiver. NAFTA destinations are exempt. The administrative charge does not apply to document shipments.
An additional charge will be applied where the origin or destination point is deemed by Loomis to be remote or where the location is not directly serviced by Loomis.

Variable based on origin and destination of shipment. Click here to Download the Extended Area zone and rate guide .
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bio-terrorism regulations require that a Prior Notice (PN) for all shipments containing food or food products be filed electronically to the FDA prior to shipment arrival. A charge of $20 per shipment will apply.
  • Overweight: Charged for any package or article greater than 75 lbs (34 kgs) in actual weight.
    $50 per piece.
  • Oversize: Charged for any package that exceeds any one of the following size limitations:
    • the longest side measures greater than 60"(154 cm) in length
    • the length and girth exceeds 130" (330 cm)
    Length is defined as the longest side of the package. Girth is the distance around the two smallest sides of a package or object. Girth = 2(W+H).
    $50 per piece.
  • Special Handling: A surcharge will apply to any article or item absent of proper packaging due to their nature (e.g. size, shape, contents) including pails, containers, tires, ball bearings, nuts, bolts and fasteners, liquids, wooden or metal crates and non-conveyable items.
    $12 per piece.
Please note that a Non-Standard charge will only apply once to a package if any one of the above conditions apply.
Applies when a driver arrives at the shippers address and the requested or scheduled pickup is not cancelled, ready or available. $7.50 per attempt.
A remote area is defined by a postal code that is determined as difficult to serve or too distant, inaccessible or of low shipment density. U.S. exempt. A charge of $30 per shipment or $.30 per lb for shipments weights greater than 100 lbs. Please click here for the complete list of remote area destinations.
The provision at individual shipment level, of declared value coverage above Standard Liability, for the amount necessary to repair or replace a shipment/piece in the event of physical loss or damage. The minimum charge is levied as a system administrative fee and does not provide protection above the convention liability limit. A charge of $3.00 per every $100 of Declared Shipment Value rounded up to the nearest increment of $100.